Neighbors 4 Neighbors

Neighbors 4 Neighbors is a non-profit organization originally created in 1992 in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew by WFOR-TV, CBS4 in Miami, Florida. The relief effort, “Rebuilding: Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” consisted of a 15-line phone bank, staffed 18 hours daily with volunteers and station personnel. News reporters and anchors broadcasting live from the phone bank would tell viewers to call the phone bank if they were storm victims in need of help or if they simply wanted to help. Special reports profiling affected families and volunteer efforts also served to motivate viewers into action. The response was overwhelming and the phone bank quickly became a tool in assisting those in crisis. As South Florida recovered, CBS4 management opted to continue Neighbors as part of its community service program. Neighbors became an important resource for all individuals and families facing every day crises.

Neighbors 4 Neighbors has since operated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded through foundation grants and corporate donations and pro bono airtime, staff support and facilities and resources provided by CBS4 and its sister station My33 (formerly UPN33). With the power of television as one of its greatest assets, the organization quickly expanded its services beyond hurricane relief and evolved into one of the most effective vehicles for connecting those in need with those who can help. Through the years, the organization has forged a strong relationship with community and business leaders willing to tackle difficult issues.