Before the beginning of the 20th century, William H. Hoover moved his tannery business from the family farm east of New Berlin to Maple Street in New Berlin. Rapid growth of the New Berlin community was a result of the thriving leather goods business. By 1895, with 300 residents in New Berlin, the saddlery and harness factory thrived with 55 employees. Herbert William Hoover became employed at his father's leather goods business in 1898. The beginning of an incredible business relationship between an entrepreneur and his son forged success in a trade at which they'd become adept.
After the turn of the 20th century, the community began to reap the benefits of this pair who honed their skills to master challenges necessary to develop and market the electric suction sweeper. That product introduced a new industry to New Berliners and revolutionized the world. In 1922, Herbert W. Hoover, Sr. succeeded his father as president of the thriving vacuum cleaner business which was renamed The Hoover Company. Upon the passing of William H. Hoover in 1932, Herbert W. Hoover, Sr. succeeded his father as Chairman of the Board of the Hoover Company.
Herbert W. Hoover, Jr. succeeded his father as Chairman of the Board and company president. An early conservationist, during the 1960's and 70's, he devoted his energy and resources to stopping development proposed for the environmentally sensitive areas of Dade County and Biscayne Bay in Southern Florida. His efforts were instrumental in the fight to establish Biscayne National Park and preserve the resources that it protects for future generations. Another major accomplishment by Herbert W. Hoover, Jr. was the creation of the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation. In 1990, the first grants were awarded from this Foundation. Mr. Hoover was an early leader in the conservation movement, fighting to protect Biscayne Bay and leading the effort to create Biscayne National Park. The Hoover Environmental Defense Fund and the Hoover Environmental Group were created to protect the fragile marine environment of South Florida. Working to provide accurate information through scientific research; create awareness through public information and education; prevent off-shore oil drilling; and provide support for Biscayne National Park, have been Hoover initiatives for more than forty years.