Encounters In Excellence

For more than thirty years, Encounters in Excellence has been a highly popular science assembly series. They recently unveiled the pilot of an expanded vision that capitalizes on revolutionary new technologies in the classroom through their website Odyssey Earth.

Encounters in Excellence has a newly-revised assembly film “Surviving the Everglades” that highlights the plight of the Everglades and covers the main components of its ecosystem. The film includes dramatic sequences on the alligator, bird, and food web relationships, as well as research and restoration projects.

OdysseyEarth.com features video lessons designed to teach Florida students about their environment. The lessons are created with hi-def video as well as a large library of footage from more than thirty years of work. Teachers in the classroom are able to access Odyssey Earth through their new, high tech “smart boards.”

A separate web page entitled Odyssey Ocean features videos on Biscayne and Florida Bays. The programs are continually updated to maintain a fresh look with current information. The videos cover concepts that science teachers are required to cover in class.

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