SOURCE:  Stark County ESC  April 28, 2017

Water quality and ecological awareness are a high priority for the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation. For two years they have responded with enthusiasm to proposals to provide area science students with hands-on learning experiences through Science and Math on the Move (SAMM). The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation endorsed the project goal of ensuring the future ecological health of the community by exposing students to natural environments and the human-induced impacts upon them.
“Our collaboration with Stark Parks and Beech Creek Gardens and the purchase of new equipment and models have enabled us to conduct multiple trainings for 28 lead teachers in water quality education and watershed dynamics,”explained Dale Gallucci, SAMM Center Coordinator. “The teachers have returned to their districts to train additional teachers.” 
The need for science education is evident when a student answers “the faucet” to the question “Where does water come from?” Watershed, Drinking & Wastewater Treatment, and Waste Management Enviroscapes are the newest equipment available through the grant to teachers and classrooms. They enable students to interact with models of their environment.
Special events funded by the foundation have ramped up enthusiasm and deepened student learning. Filmmaker and lecturer, Richard Kern, presented his film Ghosts of the Western Glades and answered questions from middle and high school science lead teachers as well as students representing six districts. Dr. Austin Gallagher, from Beneath the Waves, Inc., presented to students and teachers in five areas schools his experiences as a marine researcher.
“The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation’s generous grants to SAMM Center and the community have enabled us to continue our mission of meeting district needs by providing quality educational programs, support and services,” stated Joe Chaddock, Superintendent, Stark County Educational Service Center.